About me & the blog

My name is Austeja and I am a child-like dreamer, a personal growth junkie, who is comfortable enough to accept the fact of being incomplete and looking at my imperfections only as a guiding light for improvement. 

I choose to “Love from the saucer, rather than from the cup” – it means my love for fellow human beings and the world is overflowing,  yet only when I have enough, the surplus I share with the rest. 

Exactly because of the idea of the “love surplus”, this blog was born. I don’t aim to be famous or rich. I don’t aim to tell you about how much I love my life, even though I do. And neither this blog will be the summary of personal growth content, even though this is all I watch, read and breathe.

Instead, this is an honest, happy place where my a-ha moments, developed while sitting under a palm tree, settle. This is the space where I will reflect what growth of a person means, just by being vulnerable and sharing my story.

As I spend quite a lot of time in my day, actually sitting in nature, listening to it doing the talk,  I hope this blog to be a spiritual journey within, which would bring a human and nature closer together.

Since my failed attempt at writing my first book being 6 years old and stopping halfway, I realised writing is an inevitable way of expressing my inner world. So most posts here are written by my inside to my outside. A lovely note from the subconscious to conscious. But if you like it and choose to sneak peek into it, I will be super happy about it!

By the way, my love language is written words of affirmation, so if you ever feel like giving me a gift, drop me a line.